No. 2005/TC-III/26/6New Delhi, dt 29.03.06

The General Manager (Claims),
All Indian Railways.
Managing Director                        
Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.

Sub:- Reimbursement of DNA testing charges to the eligible kith and kin of the railway passenger who have died in train accidents and untoward incidents.

          Sometimes, in case of train accidents and untoward incidents, the dead bodies are so severely mutilated/charred that they are beyond recognition. The only way of identifying such bodies is by matching of their DNA samples with those who claim to be their relative. The identification of bodies entitles the legal dependents to financial relief in form of ex-gratia and compensation.

2.       It has come to the notice of the Board that in certain cases, persons claiming to be relatives of such unidentified deceased passengers insist that the cost of DNA profile testing should be reimbursed to them in case a match is made.

3.       The issue has been examined in Board. It has been decided that charges incurred in DNA testing should be reimbursed to the person whose profile matches that of the deceased passenger, provided that the DNA test has been performed in Government recognized Hospital and laboratories. However, the railway will not be liable for any reimbursement, if the DNA profile of the claimant does not match with that of the deceased passenger.

          This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of this Ministry.

(Rajni Hasija)
Director Traffic Commercial (Claims)
Railway Board

No. 2005/TC-III/26/6New Delhi, dt 29.03.06

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