No.2004/TCIII/31.New Delhi, dated 16/03/2006.

The General Managers(Comml),
All Indian Railways.

Sub:- Auctioning of two-wheelers.

          Chief Claims Officer, Southern Railway has brought to the notice of Ministry of Railways that at the time of booking of two-wheeler consignments no documentary evidence/proof is insisted upon in the forwarding note to establish genuineness of the vehicle. As and when unclaimed/undelivered two-wheelers put to public auction these either fetch very low bid or no bid as the intending bidders are not ready to buy them as it is difficult to get fresh registration for want of documents.

          Ministry of Railways have examined the matter and it has been decided that following procedure should be adopted by the railways for booking of two-wheelers:-

  1. The booking clerk should ensure that the consignor fills his complete home address, telephone number etc. in the Forwarding Note.
  2. Party should be asked to furnish a copy of R.C. at the time of booking of Two-wheelers.
  3. Proper Labeling of the vehicle should be ensured so that it does not get unconnected.
  4. If due to some reason, the two-wheeler gets unconnected the particulars of the same should be posted to the web. Before setting a claim for non-delivery of two-wheeler the setting railway must check up from the web.
  5. After giving due publicity in the local newspapers the two-wheelers should put to public auction duly observing all commercial formalities and fixing up reserve price.
  6. After the auction, a certificate to successful bidder should be issued to apply for fresh registration from RTA authorities.

          Board desire that the above instructions should be brought to the notice of all the concerned staff for compliance. Please acknowledge receipt of the letter.

(Rajni Hasija)
Director Traffic Commercial (Claims)
Railway Board

No.2004/TCIII/31.New Delhi, dated 16/03/2006.