MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS         
No. 2006/TC-III/27/4	                                                                                           New Delhi, dated 8.8.2006 
The General managers (Claims)
All Indian Railways. 

Sub: Creation of posts for Special Cells in case of accidents/untoward incidents.

Ref: Board's letter No. 82/TG-II/1026/9/POLICY dated 18.7.83.

It has been noticed in recent past that some untoward incidents as defined under section 123(c) of Railways Act 1989 e.g. bomb blasts in Mumbai Local trains, involved heavy casualties. In such cases it becomes moral responsibility of Railways to ensure speedy disbursal of ex-gratia and speedy settlement of compensation claims filed by the victims or the next of kin of the deceased.

  1. The provision for helping the victims in speedy disbursal of ex-gratia/speedy settlement of claim already exists in case of major accidents vide Board's letter No. 82/TG-II/1026/9/POLICY dated 18.7.83. In order to provide same relief to the victims of major untoward incidents, Board have decided to widen the scope of the above mentioned letter.
  2. Board has, therefore, decided that General Managers of all Railways may create a special cell under their own powers immediately after the accident/untoward incidents as per the yardstick prescribed vide para (b) of Board's letter No.75-TGII/1026/CC dated 5.8.75 (copy enclosed) for a period upto final submission of the written statements by the Railways to the Claims Tribunal for all victims eligible for compensation on such accidents/untoward incidents.
  3. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways

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Exe. Director Public Grievances,
                        Railway Board 
  No. 2006/TC-III/27/4                                                                                                                  New Delhi, dated .8.2006 
  Copy to  (i) FA & CAOs all Indian Railways 

(ii) DAI/Railways (with 36 spares). Room No. 224 Rail Bhavan For Financial Commissioner/Railways

  No. 2006/TC-III/27/4                                                                                                               New Delhi, dated .8.2006 
   Copy to : (i) Chief Commercial Managers all Indian Railways 

(ii) Chief Safety Officers all Indian Railways

(iii) MD/Konkan Railway Corporation Limited

Exe. Director Public Grievances,
Railway Board 

Copy to: MT, MS, FC, CRB, AM(C), Adv/Safety, EDF(C & RM), ED.E(GC), EDF(E),F(C) & F(E)I Branches of Railway Board


The Yardstick prescribed vide para (b) of Board's letter No.75/TGII/1026/CC dated 5.8.75 for creation of posts for Special Cell in the Headquarter office of the Rly. concerned.


(b) Major accident resulting in more than 10 deaths in addition to grievous injury to passengers:

(i) For the accident section in Headquarters office of the Railway concerned:

Gazetted No. of posts
1. Dy. Chief Comml. Supdt. 1
(Spl.) Grade Rs.1500-2000(RS)
1. Asstt. Comml. Inspector Grade Rs.425-600 ) 1*
2. Law Assistants Grade Rs.550-750(RS) 1
3. Office Clerk Grade Rs.260-400 (RS) 1
4. Stenographer Grade Rs. 425-700(RS) 1
5. Peon Grade Rs.196-232 (RS) 1
* (for every 20 or part thereof the total no. of casualties )