The substantive liability of the railway administration for loss, destruction, damage, non delivery or deterioration of goods entrusted to them for carriage and for death or injuries or loss to a passenger in a railway accident or untoward incident is laid down in The Railways Act 1989. The consignor/consignees and passengers or their representatives prefer claims for compensation for loss of and damage to, booked goods and are not satisfied with the decisions of the railway administration, file suits in courts of law. Claims for compensation for death of or injury or loss etc to passengers in train accidents are at present settled by claims commissioners. As the litigation in the courts of law and before the claims commissioners is very protracted, it has been decided to set up a specialised Tribunal for speedy adjudication of such claims. The setting up of such a claims Tribunal with Benches in different parts of the country, and with judicial and technical members, will provide much relief to the rail users by way of expeditious payment of compensation to the victims of rail accidents and to those whose goods are lost or damaged in rail-transit.